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10 Skills Successful Entrepreneurs Share

by George Meszaros What are the real reasons entrepreneurs succeed? Some entrepreneurs make it look easy. They start a business and succeed. Others start a business and fail. Then, start another business and fail again. What do those entrepreneurs have who succeed?  Here is a list of some of the most important reasons entrepreneurs succeed: Improve things. Find opportunities to […]

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Follow These 5 Steps to Future-Proof Your Career

The marketplace for talent is changing rapidly, and experts say it’s about time the way we approached our own careers caught up. After a couple of decades defined by disruption, automation, and job displacement, many still aren’t convinced that their job could be at risk. Studies conducted by Gallup, Quartz, and the Pew Research Centre have all found that […]

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Speaking the Unspoken

HOW THE WORDLESS ART OF BODY LANGUAGE CAN MAKE YOU A MASTER OF COMMUNICATION by Anna Kucirova Are you a good communicator? Clear speaker? Is your grasp of the English language better than average? Can you engage in a verbal back and forth that both informs and enlightens regardless of the subject you are discussing? If […]

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Future-Proofing: 7 Areas You Can Automate Now

Talk of how artificial intelligence will take over jobs performed by lowly humans in a fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) has been scaring employees and employers alike in recent months. But it’s less likely to be the future threat of a ‘droid takeover than the more immediate fear of being left in the dust by […]

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