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It Pays to Say Thank You

Did you know that it cost 5 times more to find new clients than to keep the ones you currently have? And that it also costs 5 times less to get new clients from referrals than from advertising?   Whoa!!!  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying that advertising should not be a part of your […]

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How to become more focused

As business owners, we wear many hats.  Multi-tasking becomes our M.O.  But staying on point with a dozen moving parts and multi-tasking can result in not completing action items. It’s all about FOCUS.  Here are some tricks-and-tips I picked off the internet on staying on point. How To Become More Focused Define your goals and […]

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4 tips to increase your Word of Mouth Marketing

By Mitch Nabki Guerra, Contuitiv Consulting We all know the power of networking and personal referrals.  Eighty-five percent of small businesses get customers through word-of-mouth.  And that’s why we value a referral /networking vehicle like TEAM Referral Network.   With small businesses, it’s not about casting a wide net, but rather about connecting with a […]

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The Importance of Speaker Introductions

by Kelli C. Holmes Having the right introduction when you are the featured speaker at a meeting sets the tone and atmosphere for your presentation. The purpose of an introduction is to gain the audience’s attention. The audience may have just come from listening to another speaker on a totally different topic, or they may […]

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How to Stop Wasting Time in Your Sales Calls

By Jonathan Raymond You know what a bad sales call feels like. The aimless small talk, the thinly disguised attempt at ‘relating’ to you, and the ever-present background anxiety of the sales person desperate to meet their monthly quota. All you wanted was a real conversation with a real person to help you make an […]

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