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How to Craft the Perfect Email

by John Jantsch Some small business owners are intimidated by email marketing. Having to write an individual email is scary enough if you don’t consider yourself a writer. The thought of sending an email out to an entire mailing list can be downright terrifying! Fortunately, the perfect email is about more than just writing. And […]

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9 Reasons Why Attending Networking Events is Crucial for Entrepreneurial Success

by Dawn Ellis No matter how big or small your business is, as an entrepreneur, you must attend as many industry-relevant networking events and conferences as possible. Communicating with other like-minded and motivated people can take your business to the next level and lead to startup success. Shockingly, 30% of new businesses don’t make it past the […]

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Revealing the Invisible Challenges of Time Management

By Jeff Bevis Franchise and small business owners can face hidden obstacles when starting out on their own. First-time entrepreneurs might underestimate the challenges facing them or get distracted by the minutiae of day-to-day office functions. The value and importance of time management is a more subtle but, very often, major obstacle that rears its […]

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Do You Support Other Small Businesses?

by Rieva Lesonsky Where do you buy products and services for your business (and yourself)? Do you go online and look for the cheapest price or do you take the extra time to find (and support) other small businesses who sell what you need? A few years ago, I read an article about an African-American […]

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5 Ways to Thank Customers for Their Business

By Michael Zhou Showing gratitude to your customers is the best way to ensure that they stay loyal customers. Every business owner should focus on building genuine relationships with customers. These types of repeat customers create consistent and profitable revenue for the company. Of course, some customer appreciation strategies can take quite a lot of time out […]

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How to Avoid the #1 Mistake in Customer Service

by Ryan Markel When I read these words, I found them catchy, maybe even a bit cute in their simplicity: “It’s not PROVE yourself; It’s IMPROVE yourself.” A week later, I realized these seven words are the key to conquer any challenge within an organization, especially in relation to customer service. The way I learned […]

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