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How to Be Remarkable at Following-Up

I recently had coffee with someone who had reached out to me for advice on marketing. He had been introduced through a friend, so the initial encounter went well as we already had someone in common. We discussed specific low-hanging fruit strategies that his company could implement in the next few weeks — things that […]

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The Key to Success? Relationships

By Steve Tobak If you ask 10 entrepreneurs to tell you the key to business success, you’re likely to get 10 different answers. I’m sure one would say product innovation, and while that’s definitely a significant factor, it’s not the right answer. And, yes, there is a right answer. The key to business success is […]

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5 Ways to Get People to Follow Up

by Jacqueline Whitmore Frustrated. Annoyed. Ignored. These are the feelings you may have felt the last time you phoned or sent out an email or text and never received a response. It’s extremely irritating when a request goes unanswered. How do you follow up without being a pest? There could be myriad reasons why you […]

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Networking Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s Have a networking plan in place.  Know what you want to achieve from your networking activities and how you plan to get it. Know your own strengths, talents and resources.  Listen for when a situation may be right. Help others build relationships,  Make only those offers you intend to fulfill,  Relationship marketing only works […]

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Successful Networking

Congratulations, you’ve joined a networking group.  You get to come in once a week and the referrals will be dropped in your lap…Wouldn’t that be great? It takes time and effort to become part of a sales team.  When you first join TEAM, we ask that you start with getting to know everyone by having […]

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Networking as a Way to Build Your Business

Start paying attention to the way you develop the network of people that you’re working with. It isn’t so much the number of people you come into contact with, although that is important, but what’s really, truly “Relationship Marketing’ or networking that will GET referrals for your business really is about making a connection to […]

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