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50 Marketing Habits Every Business Should Have (Part 2)

26.  Network with other business owners 27.  Use Google Adwords 28.  Advertise on Facebook 29.  Advertise on Twitter 30.  Advertise on LinkedIn 31.  Network in LinkedIn groups 32.  Advertise on Pinterest 33.  Segment your advertising: new & existing customers + your email list 34.  Add a re-targeting pixel to your website to advertise to website […]

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9 of the Strongest Words in Marketing

YOU – Marketing is ALL about the consumer. FREE – Who can resist a freebie? BECAUSE – Show the consumer WHY they need it. RISK-FREE – The consumer feels secure giving your their money. SECRET – Everyone wants in on a secret tip, trick or deal. INSTANTLY – Promises a quick payoff for their time/money. […]

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5 Simple Habits of Strong Networkers

By Kat Boogaard Networking. It’s an essential part of your professional life — but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy. As a matter of fact, many people dread networking. They perceive it as an awkward, forced, and unnatural exchange — which only leads to sweaty palms, uncomfortable silences, and unproductive conversations. So, how do you […]

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Do You Have an Exit Strategy for Your Business?

Almost everyone plans how to begin their business, how to grow their business and how to make their business profitable. Almost no one plans how to leave their business when it comes time for them to retire. How do you get your money out of your business (what if you can’t sell your business when […]

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