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Do You Have an Exit Strategy for Your Business?

Do You Have an Exit Strategy for Your Business?

Almost everyone plans how to begin their business, how to grow their business and how to make their business profitable. Almost no one plans how to leave their business when it comes time for them to retire. How do you get your money out of your business (what if you can’t sell your business when you want to retire)? Have you planned on how to avoid a huge tax payment when you DO get your money out of your business? Have you made the mistake of accepting payments for your business from the new owners? The time to plan an exit strategy, find out what the pitfalls might be and how to maximize your return (you knew this was coming) is NOW.

by David Spellman, President of South Pasadena Chapter, TransAmerica Financial Advisors – I help individuals and families reach their financial goals and protect themselves from unforeseen circumstances. I start with a comprehensive and detailed look at where they are now, listen to where they want to be in the future, and help them map a detailed route with a written plan to get there. And like a good GPS, I help them with course corrections when life’s detours intervene.

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