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7 Advantages of Offline Marketing

By Stella Ryne Just think about it, with online marketing you have a lot greater reach, you also have the tools to know exactly what kind of engagement and ROI each of these methods is generation. So, in this particular scenario, why would anyone in the right mind go for offline marketing? Well, there are […]

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10 Local Marketing Ideas You May Not Have Considered Yet

By Robb Starr Consider the fact that over half (58%) of senior marketers think local marketing is essential. That’s reason enough to look at these 10 local advertising ideas you’ve never thought about. Josh Turk is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Blitzbet.com. He provided some ideas and one good strategy to start with. “When classic traditional advertising strategies aren’t […]

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How to Prioritize When Making Decision as an Entrepreneur

By Per Bylund Life in a startup is fast paced, varied and fun. But it is also a constant and chaotic struggle, a juggling of disparate issues that need attention and decisions to be made at a moment’s notice. There are employees who need directions, tensions that threaten to erupt into personal conflicts, the bank that keeps calling about […]

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How to Fix Customer Communication Mistakes

Sponsored In business, mistakes will happen. You’ll make them and your customers will too. The main factor in many of these situations will simply be miscommunication. No matter how clearly you try to get your ideas and brand across, some will misinterpret it. Hanlon’s razor, which notes “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately […]

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9 Tiny Errors That Cost Your Business Thousands Every Year

Sponsored Businesses, by nature, pursue profit and financial gain. Obviously, this can be achieved by reaching new customers or expanding contracts with existing clients, but this isn’t the only way to increase returns. Instead, many organizations are getting more from what they’ve got by cutting costs and eliminating pricey errors. Below are a few missteps […]

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7 Valuable Business Lessons Mothers Teach Us

By Rieva Lesonsky Most of us are, of course, grateful for all the things our mothers have taught us. But many of us don’t realize our moms were also teaching us valuable business lessons.   1. Be organized Those constant reminders we may have thought annoying were actually lessons in organization. When our moms were […]

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