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The Art of Networking

Never underestimate the knowledge and influence of people you know. Learning to listen to and trust your instincts will be the greatest business skill you learn. Begin building a network by first contacting members of your family, other relatives, neighbors, personal friends, general acquaintances, work associates and service activity colleagues.  Do not set limits on […]

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7 Deadly Sins of Sales

Sales isn’t easy.  Don’t make it harder. Not honoring your word – The best way to lose trust. Don’t overcommit. Honesty is the best policy. Not listening – Obvious, right? You would think so, but all to often sales reps are all talk. Insincerity – Do you like getting spam? We sure don’t. Make emails […]

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8 Secrets to Mastering Time Management

De-clutter – De-clutter your desk, your task list, your inbox, your life. Plan – Plan out your work day and stick to it (check off accomplished task as you go). Prioritize – Rank your tasks in terms of priority and align them with your job demands and your goals. Be Effective – It’s not a […]

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How to Make the Most of Your Networking Lunch

by Betty Liu Networking is a necessary–if sometimes, exhausting–part of doing business. For being so critical, it’s amazing how confusing and enigmatic it can be. Some people are just simply better at it than others. Others just have to learn the ways of networking, but not without lots of trial and error. One of the […]

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4 Creative Ways to Network

For many of us, “networking” is close to a dirty word. Most people dread showing up to events with the sole purpose of selling themselves to strangers—all of them busy trying to sell themselves, too—in hopes of walking away with new connections that might lead to new positions, experience, and opportunities. The problem with traditional […]

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7 Things You Need to Know about Following Up

Just had a conversation…haven’t heard back Problem – Your meeting ended before there was time to provide specific next steps Solution – If it makes sense to continue the conversation, never leave a meeting without both sides committing to the next meeting Submitted proposal….haven’t heard back Problem – You are now chasing the prospect, hoping […]

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The Secret to Networking

The secret to networking is, wait for it…. focusing on your customer. If she was in the room today: Who would she want to know more about? What businesses would she be interested in? What does she need help with? Seek out other businesses that answer one of those questions from a complementary industry and build your network […]

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