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7 Things You Need to Know about Following Up

7 Things You Need to Know about Following Up

Just had a conversation…haven’t heard back

  • Problem – Your meeting ended before there was time to provide specific next steps
  • Solution – If it makes sense to continue the conversation, never leave a meeting without both sides committing to the next meeting

Submitted proposal….haven’t heard back

  • Problem – You are now chasing the prospect, hoping they still agree on the proposal
  • Solution – Before even sending the proposal, schedule time to review the proposal together. That way you’re guaranteed a conversation ahead of time.

Cold called – left a voice mail…haven’t heard back

  • Problem – You are leaving messages over and over and getting no call back
  • Solution – Stop slogging through cold call after cold call and re-assess your strategy. Try finding a mutual connection to introduce you or  cold email them.

Sent cold email…haven’t heard back

  • Problem – You don’t know if they’re interested in your product or if they’re the right contact.
  • Solution – Send your emails through a CRM that provides tracking information to know if they are opening your email and reach out to those who open your email message.

Sent hundreds of emails…with no response

  • Problem – You are wasting time copying and pasting the same email.
  • Solution – Invest time/money/resources in preparing an effective email that gets responses.

Met at a conference…haven’t heard back

  • Problem – People are slammed post-conference, trying to catch up on missed work.
  • Solution – Don’t leave the conference with just a business card. Schedule a meeting before you go.

When you met them, they were really interested…now you are politely stalking them

  • Problem – They were interested and now have fallen off the face of the earth. You have no feedback.
  • Solution – Get control of the sale back by pushing back on the customer or know when to walk away.

Things to Remember

  1. Most salespeople create the follow up problem themselves. Don’t leave a call without commitment for the next meeting. Always leave your calls with a clear, measurable next step in your prospect’s calendar.
  2. People are busy and will likely miss an email or two. After that, they’re hoping you get the hint. Push back on them and consider breaking up with them.
  3. Prospects aren’t thinking about you as much as you are thinking about them. By knowing who is opening and clicking your emails, you can follow up when they’re thinking about you, too.

Words of Caution

  1. Don’t over-fatigue prospects with call after call and email after email. When something doesn’t work, adjust your strategy.
  2. Stop wasting time following up with people who aren’t interested or qualified to buy. You are better off using your time generating new leads.
  3. Following up is a bit like dating. Ask yourself, if you were dating, would you call someone three times and not leave a voicemail? Would you email them four times just checking in? That is creepy. Stop doing it.


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