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Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Business Coach

By Ken Gosnell Business coaching has taken off in recent years. Just as counseling did in the 80s, coaching has moved mainstream. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” Coaching is a distinct service and differs greatly […]

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4 Hour Work Week

@FutureSuccessors Asks “if this is the only thing I accomplish today, will I be satisfied?” Focus on the 20% of work that brings 80% of the results Clearly define time for work and relaxation Develop the most important habit: ACTION Focus on being productive instead of busy Delegate and automate unimportant tasks Do your most […]

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Five Ways to Follow Through on Your Goals

Divide & Conquer.  A time-tested trick: divide your goals into a set of small, achievable steps.  Pick one step, do it well, move on to the next step. Put FEAR in Its Place. There will be scary moments when failure seems imminent and reaching your goals seems impossible. DO IT ANYWAY. Expect Setbacks. Setbacks are […]

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7 Skills That Will Make You A Successful Entrpreneur

Entrepreneurship is all about fitting into various roles and standing as a potential leader to roll in a successful business. What it requires to become an entrepreneur is assessed differently by different people across the globe. Some consider passion as the primary quality, while others take selflessness as a measure. Regardless of this, entrepreneurship is a […]

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How to Sell ANYTHING

“5 Essential Tips for Selling Anything to Anyone” by Robert Herjavek The first thing is You’re Selling Yourself. Listen More than you talk. Know Who you’re trying to sell to. Understand What Motivates The Other Side. Keep it Simple.

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4 Ways to Overcome Entrepreneurial Anxiety

It’s natural to feel nervous about your business when you’ve poured everything into it, including time, money, and other resources. Your nerves, however, can escalate into crippling anxiety if not managed effectively. Below are 4 ways for you to either manage or overcome entrepreneurial anxiety: 1. Know that your net-worth is different than your self-worth You […]

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JK Rowling’s Rules of Success

Failure helps you discover yourself. Take action on your ideas. You will be criticized. Remember where you started. Truly believe in yourself. Learn from adversity. Visualize to achieve. Persevere. Dreams can  happen. Use your creativity.

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