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How to Turn Inquiries into New Clients

www.thealishanicole.com As a service based creative-preneur, our days can often be filled with responding back to potential client inquiries. I mean this is awesome because it shows that people are actually trusting your expertise and believe you are worth investing in. The downfall to new inquiries though is just  that, they are JUST inquires. You […]

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Ways to Make your Customers and Clients Love You

from www.hersignaturelife.com It’s time to give your people some love back. Create value.  Blog, share helpful resources and information. Birthday cards/calls. Handwritten cards/notes. Customer experience.  Create an action plan to blow your customer’s socks off. Random giveaways/Free samples. Respond to social media comments. Build genuine relationships.  Ask for their opinions and feedback. Keep in touch […]

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How to Be More Interesting

Favorthebold.com magine: you’re on a plane when the complete stranger sitting next to you turns to you and says, “So, are you leaving home or going home?” Do you: a. Give a short, polite answer and then put on your headphones and stare out the window for the rest of the flight. b. Grudgingly engage in small talk for 5 minutes and […]

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10 Ways to Make Running a Solo Business Easier on Yourself

from XOSarah.com There are times, as a solorpreneur, when you feel as though both of your hands, each of your eyes, and the right and left side of your brain are all working on different things. You’re Pinteresting and answering email and scanning Twitter and reading a blog post and creating graphics and scheduling calls for next week all at the same time. Somehow it all […]

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How to Establish Yourself as an Expert

By Stephany Zoo Unfortunately, we can’t necessarily become proficient in everything we’d like to, but we can become knowledgeable about a specific topic. Here are some steps you can take to set yourself up as an expert. 1. Pick a niche. The topic needs to be narrow enough that you don’t have a lot of […]

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10 Tips for Vendor Event Etiquette

by Brenda Ster Vendor events are fantastic ways to get outside of your own circle of contacts, make sales, and build leads for potential customers, hostesses, and team members.  Be sure you’re following these 10 etiquette tips, to being a good Direct Sales Vendor. 1.  BEFRIEND THE EVENT COORDINATOR The event coordinator is an invaluable resource. […]

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Marketing Ideas for your Business

Host/co-host a webinar. Guest post on an influential blog. Cross promote with a business “bestie”. Make sure you are seen! Comment on other’s blog post, Instagram feeds, Facebook discussion questions. Collaborate with a Power Partner. Ask a leader in your industry if they will refer their wait list to you. Host a workshop or in-person […]

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3 Ways to Attract Your Favorite Clients

www.thecontractshop.com There is no ideal client. Nobody is going to live up to this customer avatar you created because someone told you to. So stop setting yourself up for disappointment and let go of that idea. You’re limiting yourself and your business. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about your favorite clients instead—the […]

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