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How to Sell Honestly

Passion + Vision Why are you here? People don’t want to buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it. Share your passion and your vision. Storytelling Storytelling is in our blood!  Share stories that win hearts, created connections, and inspire action. Service + Value Deliver massive FREE VALUE to build trust with your […]

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5 Steps to Delegate Effectively

SHIFT FROM DOING TO LEADING Effective delegation requires letting go of control and it starts with a big mindset shift.  Don’t stretch your own limits, stretch the limits of your team.  Shift your mindset from doing to leading others.  From generating an outcome yourself to helping others achieve the same outcome.  From practicing the skills […]

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To Do List Mistakes and How to Fix Them

NOT WRITTEN DOWN: Capture all your tasks and open loops by writing everything down. Don’t worry about organization or prioritization first – your mind is for thinking, not remembering. NO FOCUS: Prioritize and stick to three main tasks each day.  Do them in order of important and urgency. TOO GENERAL: Make sure each task is […]

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How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

by Brandon Specktor Aping the popularity of TV’s zombie drama The Walking Dead, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released an educational comic book about zombie preparedness.  Doubling as a legitimate guide to surviving a pandemic, the comic offers these to-die-for tips: Hunker down. Seriously, lock your doors and stay home unless absolutely necessary […]

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7 Trust-Building Tips To Use In Your Business

By Chelsea Berler Getting customers, clients and employees to trust you can be complicated, but it is imperative for success — perhaps more important than sales. If you get others to trust you, it’s easier to grow and nurture your business and give everyone excellent service. But trust is fragile. If you lose it, it’s very difficult — if […]

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Holiday Celebrations

 As we ease into the holiday season, honoring family traditions and celebrating with our family and friends, we want to be mindful of health and safety. Protecting our health, as well as the health of our loved ones, is an essential part of spreading holiday cheer this season. We want each of you to have […]

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2021 July Monthly Bulletin

Networking Near You: 7/21 – Fort Collins Power Partners Chapter Kick -Off 7/21 – Upland Boss Ladies Invitation Day 7/28 – Inland Empire Power Partners Invitation Day 7/30 – Rancho Cucamonga Professionals Invitation Day Click Here for More Events Networking events are open to the entire business community. See our calendar for details.

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2021 June Monthly Bulletin

Networking Near You: 6/30 – San Dimas Professionals Invitation Day 6/30 – SFV Boss Ladies Information Meeting 7/1 – Upland Chapter Invitation Day 7/8 – SFV Northridge/ Porter Ranch Information Meeting 6/3 – West Hollywood Information Meeting 7/13 – Pasadena Lunch Invitation Day 7/14 – Fort Collins Power Partner Chapter Kick -Off Click here for […]

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Prioritize Self-Care in 2021

Now that we’ve entered the new year, brainstorming different goals and intentions you can set for yourself is probably top of mind. After an eventful 2020, self-care should be at the top of your list when considering what priorities you should keep throughout 2021. While this goal is relevant to virtually everyone, caregivers especially should […]

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