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Relationship Marketing…A better, smarter way of doing business

Relationship Marketing…A better, smarter way of doing business

Determine the value of  referrals to your business.

  • Are referrals an important part of your business?
  • What percentage of your business comes from referrals?
  • What percentage of your business do you want to come from referrals?
  • How are you currently developing referrals for your business?
  • What or who are the sources of your referrals? Your clients? Friends? Contacts?
  • What is the basis for you to receive referrals?  Your reputation? Credibility? Quality of products or services?

Once you have determined the value of referrals to your business, look for ways to develop good referral sources for your business.  Ask yourself the following:

Are you professionally visible? Being an expert in not enough.  You need to be visible, approachable, understood, trusted and be able to leave a lasting impression.  Check your professional visibility by answering these questions.

  • How visible am I in my community?
  • Do people seek me out for my expertise, products or services?
  • Is my impression better than my competitors?
  • Do people view me as a credible resource?
  • How do people react when I present information about my products or services?
  • Are my networking activities productive?

Kelli C. Holmes is the CEO and Founder of TEAM Referral Network, a professional referral organization that turns success-oriented business people into a strong team of networking professionals who work together to build their businesses by referral. Relationship marketing is a better, smarter way of doing business. For more information visit their website www.teamreferralnetwork.com or call (866)311-TEAM.

Originally published 11/19/2014

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