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What To Do When Business is Slow

Update old Posts – Update old posts with new data, stats and images Do Something New – Because the best ideas come when you are out playing and trying new things Write a Book – Want to get your business on the super fast lane when business is slow? Put down all your years of […]

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Client Follow Up Email Sequence

You made a sale – YAY!  But you now also have an opportunity to create super fans of the people who buy from you – and these are the emails you can put in place to do that! EMAIL #1: IMMEDIATELY AFTER PURCHASE A thank you email with any details about accessing or using the […]

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You can AFFORD to Listen Fully

A – ATTENTION: Give the speaker your full attention. Turn your body toward them and make eye contact. Don’t multitask. Give indications you’re listening (nodding, saying ‘yes’ or making appropriate facial expressions.) F – FOCUS: Focus on what the speaker is saying. Don’t think about your argument, what you’re going to say next, or anything […]

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Work From Home Ground Rules

1. Get moving first thing in the morning (i.e. exercise) 2. Get dressed (clothes, hair, make-up, or shave) 3. Set a schedule and stick to it 4. Schedule breaks (play with the dog, chores, etc.) 5. Don’t sit all day. Get moving again during lunch 6. Stay organized (tidy up each night) 7. Create a […]

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11 Tips to Effective Email Management

1. Process your emails once a day (no need to check it 4213 times/day – Nothing major is going to happen) 2. Prioritize 20% important emails; Defer 80% 3. Have a “Reply by XX Day” folder (So you get some time to think over the emails and get to them later) 4. You don’t need […]

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The 8 Commandments of Storytelling with Data

Begin with a Question –  Set up your story.  What is your audience going to learn? End with an Insight – If we can’t learn something useful from the data, the story isn’t worth telling. Tell a Compelling Story – People remember stories, not data.  Take them on your journey. Explain with Visuals, Narrate with […]

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12 Ways to Attract New Customers

Know Your Ideal Audience – Who are you targeting? Know Your Business – Who will use your product or services? Understand What Your Customers Want Try Direct Marketing – Directly reach out and keeping in touch with your customers is the tactic that can encourage new paying and permanent customers. Are You Online? – In […]

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Shark Tank Lessons

Know your strengths Know your customer Learn how to negotiate Learn how to sell yourself Have a good elevator pitch Do not be blinded by passion Do your homework on investors Networks and experience matter Do not overevaluate your company Listen to people smarter than you Know your business and numbers Not every business needs […]

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