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Ways to Build a Confident You

Some say that confidence is innate within us- you either have it, or you don’t. Others argue that self-confidence is a skill that takes constant building. The article “6 ways to build your Confidence” provides some tips that we can do to shape a better confident you.   One way to foster confidence is to […]

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Why Everyone Should Take Notes

By Richard Branson Whenever I’m listening to anybody, I try to note down the points that most interest or concern me. Afterwards, I can refer back to these notes and act upon them. Often these notes form the backbone of the types of blog posts you see on my social media channels, or I use […]

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Understanding And Managing The 4 Types Of Hybrid Workers

Prasad Setty Hybrid work isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. Here’s how managers can better understand and support different preferences and attitudes across their hybrid teams. The conversation between business leaders and employees about long-term hybrid work plans is a complex one. We’re trying to answer some really big questions: How is our in-person time best used? […]

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Why Small Talk Is Anything But Small

Julia Wuench The Cambridge Dictionary defines ‘small talk’ as “conversation about things that are not important, often between people who do not know each other well.” Whether you love or loathe small talk, it’s not as “small” as you might think. Our brains process loads of information during a conversation, but most of those informational inputs are […]

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