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Here Are 21 Low-Cost Marketing Tips to Get Your Business Off the Ground

SoyEntrepreneur With 100 employees and $10 million in annual revenues, Cynergy Systems — a software developer in the United States — applies effective and economical advertising techniques. Its founder and president, Carson Hager, is blunt: “In reality, the traditional means of marketing do not work for us. Also, we do not have a large budget for it.” […]

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What Does Entrepreneurship Really Mean in 2021

The year 2021, with some significant help from 2020, is probably the optimal year for both professional and beginner entrepreneurs to engage in their favorite activity – entrepreneurship. What Does Entrepreneurship Really Mean in 2021 So far, entrepreneurship meant mainly opening or reviving businesses on a local level. Only a couple of entrepreneurship-like enterprises would rise to […]

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Working While On Vacation: 7 Tips for CEOs

By Kimberly Zhang While some CEOs are bound by location, others are able to lead their company from anywhere in the world. As romantic as that sounds, we all know the reality is far from answering a few emails on an iPad in an airport lounge or spending most of the working day poolside in […]

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