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Networking Tip: Know Yourself

If you’re a morning person, go to breakfast events. If you’re a night person, go to evening events. When you choose a time of day that you’re most energized, making new contacts will be much easier. Try different types of events on for size. Every month, challenge yourself to go to a type of event […]

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Successful Sales Tips for Small Business Owners

by Alyssa Gregory Sales is an important part of every small business; it’s also a common challenge for many small business owners. If sales is something you struggle with in your small business, it can be helpful to spend some time getting a better understanding of the sales process and fine-tuning your sales skills. With […]

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Networking Tip: Make it Personal

While networking events are a networking staple, try doing something a little more personal to supplement your efforts. Use your contact’s name in your conversation. Share something (G-rated) via email that they might enjoy – especially something that isn’t business related. Send a card or an email on their work anniversary (you can find this […]

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Networking Tip: Say Thank You

If someone gives you a sweet lead or refers you for a job or service, thank them! This is a contact that deserves your attention. Showing your appreciation makes you look good, and, more importantly, it makes your contact feel good. A sincere “thank you” lets the other person  know you value what they’ve done […]

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10 Trade Show Tips to Make Your Next Exhibit a Huge Success

by Darrell Zahorsky There is no substitute for live, in-person events for small business owners. From small business conferences to trade shows, there are many reasons to get out there for face-to-face networking opportunities. There are many tactics your small business can use to ensure a winning trade show; here are ten powerful tips. 1. Pick an Offbeat Show […]

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Networking Tip: Offer a Reward

Encourage customers to give referrals by offering incentives, such as a discount on their next purchase, a free month of service or a small gift. Offering a reward is an excellent reason to reach out to your network. Let your customers and contacts know you value them. www.businessmixers.com

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Networking Tip: Put Your Best Foot Forward

A warm smile and a firm handshake are excellent tools to have in your networking toolbox. Relax, have fun and be sociable! While it’s okay to introduce yourself to people with an alcoholic beverage in hand, save heavy drinking for after the event. Attending a networking event is still work – especially if you’re on […]

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Rules for an Effective Business Card

By Alyssa Gregory Business card rules for every small business owner. Having an effective business card is not as simple as listing your name and contact information on a small 3.5″ x 2″ card. In fact, there are thousands of ways you can format your business card, many options when it comes to the information you include, […]

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