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How Cashless Payments are Driving Transactions

by Robb Stone Looking at possible ways to drive your bottom line up as a small business owner means looking at cashless payments. For many small businesses that means starting with the existing technology you have on hand.  Start by taking a look at ATM and POS software if you haven’t done that by now. […]

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How to Care for Yourself as an Entrepreneur

by Kelli Gibbs How are you caring for yourself? Self-care is one of the most significant things for us entrepreneurs to learn as we grow our businesses. And it’s been one of the things that can keep us in alignment, which keeps us being successful and happy at the same time instead of pushing things […]

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How to manage email so it doesn’t control you

by Roi Ben-Yehuda Ping! “Oh, maybe this is the email I’ve been waiting for. Let me check. Shoot, that’s not it. Hmm, but this invite looks interesting.” Ping! “Oh maybe this . . . Darn it.” Ping! “I should probably turn off my phone in this meeting . . . but let me check first.” […]

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Six Lessons from My Mother

by Richard Branson I’m often asked who my biggest inspiration is, and who has had the most profound influence on my business life. Well, I’ve got a lot of good advice over the years, but – like most people I suspect – my mother is the person who has advised me most wisely. I was very fortunate that from a very young age my parents were […]

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Creative Email Prospecting Made Easy with Video

by Sean Gordon Sales reps that rely on video prospecting and sales emails see open rates over five times larger than those that don’t and generate eight times higher open-to-reply rates. Consider the following three approaches when approaching video sales and prospecting emails. Transforming the Prospecting Email Path The toughest route: prospecting emails. When heading […]

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