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Creative Email Prospecting Made Easy with Video

Creative Email Prospecting Made Easy with Video

by Sean Gordon

Sales reps that rely on video prospecting and sales emails see open rates over five times larger than those that don’t and generate eight times higher open-to-reply rates.

Consider the following three approaches when approaching video sales and prospecting emails.

Transforming the Prospecting Email Path

The toughest route: prospecting emails. When heading down this path, you’re hoping to find a glimmer of light from a new lead. How does that light find its way to you? By standing out in what is a very crowded inbox. For business and sales development reps, the three stops on the path towards new leads can be enhanced with video are prospecting emails, first contact follow-up, and taking an account-based sales method into consideration.

In prospecting, include ‘video’ in the title. Embed a thumbnail of the video, make the content personal, give viewers a name and face to associate with it, make it about them and don’t go too heavy on the selling by keeping it informative and to their needs.

Enhancing Relationships with Video Email

When you have your leads pinned down and you’re trying to generate sales, make use of video to remind customers of your presence and interest them in specific products. Send video emails that make use of pre-existing marketing content, share video marketing content designed towards their needs, or simply reach out and say, ‘Hey’.

You have to continue an approachable, friendly approach. Don’t suddenly turn into a sales hawk; try to start up a conversation. Continue to educate and build an alliance between your company and their brand. Demonstrate how, they’ll benefit. And last, provide a specific away to move to the next stage through a call-to-action.

Videos to Make the Sales Continue

When you’re trying to bounce back to an existing or former customer, video can make the difference. Whether you’re sending demos of new products or trying to revive a cold account video can be just what you need.

A simple selfie-style recording with a script like, “Hey so-and-so, we just launched a new product this month and I think you’ll find it touches on needs you expressed on previous conversations. Included is a quick demo, feel free to reach out. Deliver the demo, and a call-to-action.

If your marketing team is taking the time to create new demos and videos for customer prospects, you can both utilize that hard work and do your part in spreading the word by including video as a primary communication effort in email. Once you get going you’ll realize it’s incredibly easy to personalize your business relationships far beyond what text email chains can dream of.

Sean Gordon founded vidREACH.io to engage candidates, prospects, customers and employees – on one platform. Sean has created new lines of business, reinvigorated stagnant company cultures, and mentored hundreds of employees. Connect with Sean Gordon on LinkedIn.

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