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50 Marketing Habits Every Business Should Have (Part 2)

50 Marketing Habits Every Business Should Have (Part 2)

26.  Network with other business owners

27.  Use Google Adwords

28.  Advertise on Facebook

29.  Advertise on Twitter

30.  Advertise on LinkedIn

31.  Network in LinkedIn groups

32.  Advertise on Pinterest

33.  Segment your advertising: new & existing customers + your email list

34.  Add a re-targeting pixel to your website to advertise to website visitors

35.  Attend a networking event

36.  Offer a freebie to fans

37.  Thank your customers

38.  Host an online workshop, webinar or training

39.  Review competitors, see what’s working and what is not

40.  Write a guest blog

41. Submit articles to large websites, like Huffington Post

42.  Write a press release

43.  Ask customers for feedback

44.  Use videos to market your business

45.  Network in Facebook groups

46.  Create your own Facebook group

47.  Offer an affiliate program

48.  Ask another business to promote your business

49.  Send personal cards to customers

50.  Most importantly every day: ADD VALUE


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