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Top 10 ways to generate referrals in TEAM

Top 10 ways to generate referrals in TEAM

As promised, here are my TOP 10 best ideas on how to generate more referrals in TEAM! I use this as a guide when I’m doing a “Director’s Coaching Session” with the members in my chapters.

1. Do a Coaching Session with EVERY member in the chapter! During the session, lead-in with wanting to know more about THEM and THEIR business FIRST. Ask them lots of questions. People love to talk about themselves and will LOVE you for allowing them to go first and talk so much about themselves. That will go a long way with them in having you stick in their minds and wanting to look for referrals for you.

2. Make your “One Minute Commercial” very specific with the types of Power Partners/Strategic Alliances you are looking for and the specific target market you are looking for and change it up each week.

3. Tell more stories in your One Minute Commercial. People relate, empathize, and emotionally invest when hearing stories. And, it makes you more memorable in their minds when their out networking. Stories conjure up images…of people that can be referred to you.

4. Create a list of “Key Phrases” or “Buzzwords” for the members to listen-out for when they’re going through their day-to-day lives.

5. Spend a lot of time speaking and networking with your Power Partner members!

6. Look for Power Partners (other businesses that can help you and your business) to invite to the meetings and sell them on TEAM and your chapter and encourage them to join!!

7. Offer to serve in a Leadership Position. This often gives you more credibility, reputability, and visibility which ultimately equals increased respect and trust leading to more referrals.

8. Change-up your One Minute each and every week by highlighting a different area of your business each week, but really focus on the things you do the most and the most important things.

9. Encourage the members in your chapter that use your services/products to consistently use them and ask them to share their positive experiences, successful results, and stories with the chapter during the highlights/referrals segment of the meeting.

10. From time-to-time in your One Minute let the group know that you are qualified and are looking for “speaking opportunities” by getting in front of large groups (if, in fact, you are looking for this).

Tim Watkins, Director
TEAM Referral Network

Tim Watkins is a Director with TEAM Referral Network, a professional referral organization that turns success-oriented business people into a strong team of networking professionals who work together to build their businesses by referral. Relationship marketing is a better, smarter way of doing business. For more information visit their website www.teamreferralnetwork.com or call (866)311-TEAM.

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