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Overcoming Price Objections

Overcoming Price Objections

The most common objections to sealing the deal –

  • That Costs too much!
  • You’re too expensive!
  • We’ve got no budget right now.

Step 1 “Exactly what do you mean by that?”¬† To do: Qualify what they mean by “cost too much”? Compared to what? Competitor? Another product? Not worth it?

Step 2 : “More Expensive than a Competitor¬† To do: Make sure they are comparing apples with apples. What’s different between you and your competitor? Go back and address the value that your product/service offers compared to the rest. Make a comparison difficult.

Step 3: “Haven’t Got the Budget” To do: Establish what the budget is, how they would like to pay. Could they spread the payments? Get more budget in the future? Cross charge? Help them find the money or can you be flexible in how you get paid? Sometimes it’s just a question of timing.

Step 4: That Costs too Much To do: If it seems to cost too much in the mind of your prospect then you need to go back and build the value again because you have not done a good enough job

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