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Heather Marton
Business Name:
Watch Me Creations
Business Description:
Watch Me Creations was created for JOY! This is a company where we wear our heart on our wrist and we celebrate everything. If you can dream it up, we can create a watch band for your smart watch, at a reasonable price. We have amazing leathers directly from Italy, the highest quality replica materials and create amazing bands, belt buckles, beanies, stadium bags and more. The goal was to have beautiful items that bring you joy. We have cultivated an amazing community on Instagram. Come join the fun!
How Business Creates Value:
Many of our customers would argue that our watch bands are a need and no longer a want. They are excited to have something unique that very few others potentially have. They are excited to have something handmade for them that they helped to create. They tell me all the time that "This band is a wrist grabber" and how much pride they get in wearing these handcrafted items and sharing them. If we make someone happy that day, that is how we are creating value in the world.
How Member Creates Value:
I believe anything is possible. If you can dream it, we can make it happen. I believe that in all aspects of my life.

Band Options

We offer a multitude of watch bands. Here are just a few options: 1) Sports teams- hockey, football teams ( professional to pee-wee)., basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer 2) College Bands: UCLA, USC, University of Alabama (Bama) - any college 3) Service Divisions: All military, Navy, first responders, teachers and medical responders. 4) Holiday Bands: Stunning representation for every holiday. Let's celebrate EVERYTHING!!! 5) The "Actual " Bow Band: beautiful festival bands and special occasion bands. 6) Upcycled waterproof bands: Lily Pulitzer, Tory Burch and more 7) Replica coated canvas bands and SO much more!


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