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Rebeca Arthur Golden
Business Name:
Cabi Stylist
Business Description:
Cabi is an international clothing company specializing in women's designer clothing. Started 20 years ago by 12 women, cabi is a company for women, run by women, and all about women.
How Business Creates Value:
Cabi is a business that gives a woman the ability to work the way that works for her. Whether she works full time or part time outside the home, or a stay at home full time worker, cabi offers a business that fits into her life.
How Member Creates Value:
I bring the fun! Gathering to enjoy time with the other women in your life is so valuable for your well being. With a cabi show, you can slow down and enjoy girlfriend time while enjoying a glass of wine and a fashion show!

My cabi story

I started my cabi career in the Fall of 2016 and have been enjoying the ride ever since. I currently travel up and down the California coast doing cabi shows and open houses for my clients. I also travel to the east coast to share cabi since I am originally from there. In fact it was an old college buddy of mine who first introduced me to cabi. I had bought a few pieces here and there over the years from her and although she suggested I might enjoy doing it with her, I felt I didn't really have the skills. Turns out, I didn't need any special skills - just needed to like to wear cute clothes! It's really a relationship business and it allows me to meet new women and help them feel fabulous about themselves.

My previous life

I started my acting career in New York after attending NYU. After acquiring an agent in New York, they sent me to California where I was fortunate to start working right away. A year later, a guest star role on a sitcom turned into an 8 year run on said sitcom. I enjoyed making appearances all over including several appearances on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. After the birth of my first child in 1997, I found the whole showbiz thing was no longer for me and I retired my actress crown. I spent the next 15 years being the volunteer mom! I served as president of the Parent/Faculty at all three of my daughter's schools. Once they turned into teenagers, I found I needed another outlet for myself. Que cabi!


  • Fit specialist.
  • Great listener!
  • Trapeze artist!


  • Professional Actress


  • Studying Spanish


  • 15 years as a professional actress
  • 15 years nonprofit experience
  • 6 1/2 years as a stylist