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Robert Chun
Business Name:
RSC Business Group, Inc.
Business Description:
We are a full service business coaching and consulting company that provide services to small and medium sized businesses. We provide education, support and coaching so that you can reach your goals in life and business. We support you in squiring clients, achieving financial freedom, mastering time management, and achieving your goals.
How Business Creates Value:
We look at business as an integrated system, a living machine. Like a machine, a business has many parts that have their own purposes and functions that work together in a coordinated fashion to produce desired results. As such, each part affects the rest of the system and therefore the results that the business is able to produce. We look at the business process and desired results but we also design processes that people can follow to produce predictable results again and again. We truly account for the experience of the people in the company. We’re able to produce results while taking care of the people at the same time. (Businesses want to produce results all the time but some people want to and some don’t.) We work with people the way they are so that they don’t necessarily have to change. We work with businesses to design systems and processes that account for the strengths and weaknesses of the people doing the work so that the desired business results are produced. This makes growing the company to the next level an easier process on the people, while the company is evolving.
How Member Creates Value:
We help our customers and clients achieve their goals by designing and building business processes and systems that people can follow. While many companies look at efficiency and use re-engineering to cut costs, we use re-engineering to enhance companies and focus on effectiveness as well as efficiency. We take into account the strengths and weaknesses of the people inside of companies so that we can design companies to enhance the strengths and compensate for the weaknesses as a whole. This way, each individual plays their role, the work gets done and results are produced. Your business system is the key to producing results and reaching your goals. Through our process, organizations and teams discover their missing parts, improve existing processes, design new processes, and find alignment where everyone belongs. This causes breakthroughs in growth and productivity to occur naturally.

What I Do.

I help you become clear about your goals and create a road map that you can follow. After we are clear about the starting point, destination and the road ahead, we embark on the adventure of the achievement together. I am with you week by week, month by month -- every step of the way. Along the way, I will provide you with the knowledge, provisions and support. In addition, I will show you what pitfalls lies ahead that you should avoid. And... if you fall into it, I will help you get out of it fast. I will bring other adventurers and guides as needed. You can count on me being your guide and partner on your road to success, fulfillment and achievement. Your quest awaits you.

Why I Do It.

I simply love the feeling when we work as a Team and reach the goal. I am filled with incredible sense of pride, joy and fulfillment when I celebrate the victories with my client. Even the tough times are ok because I know that it simply is temporary -- and turns into memories that we will look back and treasure. (Whew.., I have war stories to tell you. Remember when ...)I have found this work to be tremendously rewarding for me as well as my team. Most, if not all, of my past clients have become my friends and I get to share in their successes even now. There is nothing like this profession in this world. I feel blessed.

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