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Shaila Chamberlain
Business Name:
Shaila Chamberlain CPA
Business Description:
My firm specializes in the unique needs of SMALL BUSINESSES and NONPROFIT organizations. We offer services in Accounting, Tax Prep, Bookkeeping, Consulting and Educational Services.
How Business Creates Value:
Many small businesses and nonprofits do not have the resources to hire a top-notch accounting team - Many do not have any employees at all! These groups are likely to be in need of financial expertise, but are unlikely to find an affordable solution to meet their specific needs. I believe that "ONE STOP SHOPPING" is the answer! What if you could find an expert to review your monthly financials, offer up financial or tax advice and prepare your annual return all for ONE MONTHLY PRICE? It is truly a "WIN-WIN" situation! You receive the guidance, advice and expertise of a professional at a price that won't break the bank, and we are able to work your account efficiently, creating value for both parties.
How Member Creates Value:
How do you view your financial statements - As a tool for getting a loan or to be used to prepare a tax return, or as a MIGHTY, MEATY piece of GLORIOUS INFORMATION that can be used to make your business grow and become successful? Nonprofits - Would you like to learn how to SAFEGUARD your CASH? Which fundraisers work and which ones do not? It's time to start looking at your financial statements as a key TOOL for YOUR SUCCESS!

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  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Masters in Business Administration