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Wayne Hurley
Business Name:
HurleyPlanning - Cetera Wealth Partners & Solutions Insurance
Business Description:
HurleyPlanning takes a unique approach to protecting your financial future and retirement. We view your financial plan as a puzzle, one that was designed exclusively for you. It contains many pieces and when properly fitted together, they form a beautiful and complete picture. And just as with any puzzle, each piece plays an important role in building the final picture. Our team is here to solve your financial puzzle and help create a retirement plan, and future, that exceeds your expectations. We’re ready to show you what your financial picture can look like.
How Business Creates Value:
No one strategy fits everyone, which is why every plan we design is unique. We take a proactive approach to help you determine your financial goals and objectives, and then develop the strategy to help you achieve them. You’ve worked hard for your life, now is the time to enjoy it. HurleyPlanning can be the final piece to your Financial Planning Puzzle. As with any puzzle, each piece is important. They fit together to form a picture, your picture. From Emergency Funds to Retirement Accounts to Legacy Assets, to Living Trusts, each piece has its place. We ensure they fit together properly to paint the financial future you desire. Our 5 Steps to Success helps us create your financial plan, and then… help you stay on track. This unique approach uses 5 processes, in combination with cash flow allocation, to build your retirement plan and allow you to live your best life. Contact our office today and learn what we can design for you!
How Member Creates Value:
Wayne Hurley is a Financial Advisor, Registered Principal, Insurance Broker and Founder of HurleyPlanning. He has spent over 45 years in the financial planning industry helping individuals, families and businesses create financial plans to fit their individual needs. The root of Wayne’s success is his experience with financial puzzles of all designs… and his ability to communicate and simplify comprehensive financial planning strategies. Wayne’s dream is to change the way you think about financial planning.

Why choose Wayne Hurley?

So, what makes HurleyPlanning so unique? Why choose me? Well, I recognize that a strong and effective financial plan allows you to retire comfortably and live your best life. Yet most people are unsure how to create such a plan. It can feel overwhelming with so many puzzle pieces in your life. Where do you begin? How do you form the final picture? How do you learn enough to make solid financial decisions? This is where my team and I step up to help. HurleyPlanning and our team of experts understand the complexities of life and help piece together your picture. We make complex financial conversations easier to understand, striving to save you time and money. We help “normalize” money conversations and build a prominent level of trust. When you work with my team and I, you can be confident that we have your best interest at heart.

Why I do this?

Financial advice is something to be shared, not purchased. Our firm puts a high value on those who want to paint a great picture, not purchase cheap paint. We act as a fiduciary when it comes to your financial decisions. As we assemble your financial picture, you become more than a client, you become family. We strive to be effective stewards of your assets. Our team is friendly, diverse, and knowledgeable, with a focus on educating our clients. We help you master the principles of your own puzzle to make you "financially confident" and your financial future shine brighter. With our team, honesty and integrity come before profits. We are the final piece to your financial puzzle. You’ve worked hard for most of your life, now is the time to enjoy the benefits of financial independence! 5825 Old Wheeler Rd, La Verne CA 91750 Cetera Wealth Partners is a region of Cetera Advisor Networks LLC. Securities and advisory services are offered through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC (doing insurance business in CA as CFGAN Insurance Agency LLC: CA Insurance Lic. #0644976), member FINRA/SIPC, a broker-dealer and registered investment adviser. Cetera is under separate ownership from any other named entity.

Contact Information

(909) 596-8100


  • Simplifying complex financial information.
  • Creating a Financial Plan that makes sense and is achievable.
  • Explaining appropriate investment and insurance options.
  • Helping my clients become "Financially Independent".
  • Creating a friendly enviroment of financial support.
  • Addressing all the pieces of "The Financial Puzzle".
  • Helping individuals, families, and business owners.


  • California Insurance License #0560527


  • Golf
  • Cars
  • Hunting & Fishing
  • 4X4 Exploring
  • Spending time with my family & friends.
  • Biking
  • Camping (Glamping)


  • Owner / Broker - Solutions Insurance , 45 years
  • Financial Advisor - HurleyPlanning/Cetera Wealth Partners, 35 years


  • English
  • Spanish Assistance


  • Health Underwriters
  • Life Underwritiers
  • Financial Services Institute
  • La Verne Chamber of Commerce