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Anna Zuniga
Business Name:
Q Sciences
Business Description:
Quintessential Science aka “Q Sciences” is innovating the health and wellness industry with their amazing medical grade nutritional supplements and targeted self-care holistic solutions. Even with a perfect diet, there are many factors that make it impossible for us to get the vitamins and minerals we need. Q Sciences is dedicated to bridging that nutritional gap.
How Business Creates Value:
Q Sciences uses cutting edge technology to create science based cutting edge products in global health and wellness sectors, They are constantly innovating to ensure they’re delivering the best of the best for a healthy you can SEE and FEEL.
How Member Creates Value:
I am a health and wellness advocate and every opportunity I get to help someone on their health journey is special to me. My passion is helping people become the healthiest version of themselves through nutrition and quality products with clean ingredients. Whether their goal is to lose weight or just feel better, I am here to help! Remember, you can’t be at your best without your health!

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