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Barbara Armstrong
Business Name:
Your Events At sea
Business Description:
We organize events on cruise ships that are usually held in hotel conference rooms. The advantages are that meeting space is frequently complimentary with few costs.making the meeting more profitable to the client with a following
How Business Creates Value:
Because these events are planned 7-9 months in advance, the cost of cabins are lower so that event planning fees can be added. Your fees are understood by your clients as exclusive value adds
How Member Creates Value:
I have the knowledge and experience to make this run seamlessly so you and your clients can carry out your business, parties, networking and vacationing with families without a glitch or worry.

I Organize Profitable Events on Cruise Ships

I work with people who have a following who might bring their following to hotel conference rooms for teaching or mentoring or organizing or rewarding. I make their product to their followers more appealing and more profitable by taking it out of a hotel and putting it on a cruise ship where the event can also be a family vacation. I arrange with the cruise line the meeting space and activities and parties exclusive to the group with which I am working. Most of this is complimentary with the cruise ship and distinctly fewer costs than using a hotel conference room. Networking will spontaneously occur in venues all over the ship after the formal events have occurred. The event not only fulfills the educational or activity aspect of the Leader or Mentor or Trainer but also makes a ONCE IN A LIFETIME family vacation that people will beg to repeat every year.

Events on Cruise Ships Enhance Results and Profitability

I put together marketing and build a website so that the Leader's followers can get information about the event and book directly. I arrange meeting space, cocktail parties, group shore excursions, group photos, branded t-shirts, round robin seating at the dining room, so the group can meet together and move around within their area without any seating restrictions. I love to put together the details so that your event will run seamlessly and you can concentrate on delivering your message to your clients, and not have to worry about running the details. Your contact on the ship will know all your needs and time frames. You make money on the event by charging a fee to your clients because you have added value to their cruise with your program. I charge and event fee per person. This typically is marketed as one price, not just a cruise fare. Your followers understand your value and are willing to pay for the exclusive privilege of attending your events.

Contact Information

(909) 861-5035


  • Interface with cruise lines, know their space
  • Explain to client followers how they will benefit
  • Run webinars to disseminate information
  • Build websites exclusive to your group
  • Maximize extra value activities at minimal cost
  • Run conference calls to disseminate information


  • Certified Group Event Travel Specialist, www.cgets.org
  • California Seller of Travel CST# 2121786-40
  • Associated with Vacation Central/TravelNetwork


  • Cruising and Experiencing the Bigger World
  • American Association of University Women (AAUW) Currently Diamond Bar Walnut Financial Officer
  • 2 book groups, AAUW and Friends of Library
  • Support Family Alma Maters, UCLA,, SCCO,, Mt Sac, Wo
  • Biking on the beach where it is flat and scenic


  • 10 years as an Independent Cruise Counselor
  • Author - Sail the Seas for Fun and Profit
  • Blogger of many vacation experiences


  • English
  • Spanish