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Coco Owchar
Business Name:
Health & Wellness Coach
Business Description:
I provide nutritional and healthy lifestyle guidance in a variety of ways: Training -- Through fitness training programs Nutrition -- I specialize in helping people find simple ways to add more fruits and vegetables into their diets. Mindset -- I am focused on finding value in what you are currently doing while adding simple adjustments to create the best joyful version of yourself.
How Business Creates Value:
I am your #1 Hype girl! I know that us humans get caught in the weeds of life and I am able to help you cut through the tough stuff to make simple health changes that over time will create wonderful, healthy and sustainable results! Everything starts with our health and mindset. I am passionate about the power of nutrition and mindset to address so many of the illnesses and unhealthy habits of modern life..
How Member Creates Value:
I've been in the Health and Wellness field since 2005. I have witnessed the losses of dear loved ones (in my family and in other people's) over the years to cancer, heart disease, addiction, and Alzheimers. Because of this I have a GREAT capacity for caring deeply about others. I have been on this mission since 2005! I treat my clients the way I would treat my own family.

What Products do I Offer?

Fitness Classes, Whole food Supplements-Whole food Gummy Supplements- Complete Vegan Protein Powders-The Tower Garden by Juice Plus! I also offer clean make-up, essential oils, vegan collagen, health coaching and more.


  • AFAA CPT & Group Fitness for 17 years
  • Certification from eCornell University in Plant Based Nutrition
  • Certified Raw Chef
  • National Marketing Director with The Juice Plus Company
  • Certified Health Coach