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Hozi Saboowala
Business Name:
Advise IT Solutions
Business Description:
Advise IT Solutions provides computer and network maintenance services for Small and Medium sized business. Our portfolio of service includes but is not limited to: - Managed IT (Technology) Services - Server and Workstation Management - Remote Monitoring - Onsite support - Employee helpdesk - Network Security solutions - Cloud solutions - Enterprise backup and disaster recovery - Devices and network optimization - Compliance services - Digital phones (VOIP phones) - Website development - Office productivity solutions ASK FOR A FREE BUSINESS IT ASSESSMENT!
How Business Creates Value:
Advise IT Solutions provides cost-effective technology solutions and IT services management in Inland Empire for various organizations including not for profits. We monitor the health and connectivity of your office networks to ensure minimum downtime and maximum productivity that will save you money in the short and long term. With our computer services, you can focus on your business goals rather than worry about failing IT resources or IT security issues.
How Member Creates Value:
I create value by making clients more productive with IT and automation. E.g. What is 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10? You can get your calculator out and do the math in 15-20 seconds but what if there is an EXCEL function that does just that in less than one second and that you are not even limited to just 10 numbers? Not a great e.g. but hope it drives a point:)

What You Need to Know about Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are specifically designed to align both the providers (such as Advise IT solutions (AIS)) as well as our clients that hire us to create a more productive working relationship that is aimed towards accomplishing optimal outcomes that minimizes the problems for our clients. It is a WIN-WIN situation for our clients and AIS. Managed Service providers like AIS, must take periodic proactive measures on client's business network to ensure problems are detected before they become an issue. In other words, there is an alignment of outcomes for AIS and our clients. We are self-incentivized to do the best job for our clients because if the client's business networks perform optimally, we have to take less reactive measures should something go wrong. It helps our clients because there is minimum downtime when something does go wrong. We monitor the network periodically for any issues and fix the issue proactively even before the client is aware of upcoming network issues.

There is nothing better than proactive support

The thing about proactive support is that it prevents our client's employees from stressing out too much. Clients no longer have to identify and find solutions for company’s technical problems because AIS would immediately be stepping in to do that for you. Our clients can take full advantage of an entire IT department. They not only receive routine support, but we also help them with strategies on how to further grow and develop their organization with the help of IT.