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Jackie Phillips
Business Name:
Phillips Wellness Enterprises
Business Description:
We help busy people have great nutrition through supplementation for their hectic lifestyles. We help athletes to fuel, hydrate, energize, and recharge for their adventures. We utilize a health assessment to personalize the recommendations. Jackie is a dynamic speaker in the areas wellness, healthy eating.,self esteem, faith. and aging gracefully.. Jackie is the author of 2 books, Stem by Step, 21 Steps to Enhance the winner in You and An Upward Climb toward Faith. She is a contributing authoring in the Team collaborative book, Elevate.
How Business Creates Value:
Our business is able to emphasize the importance of healthy living. People who use our products notice the difference of taking a high quality, organic product.
How Member Creates Value:
I am an author, speaker, athlete and optimal health coach. I assist high achievers to fill in the gaps in their nutrition, improve sports performance naturally, maintain a healthy weight, and have more energy.. As an upbeat and dynamic speaker, I help organizations to reach their potential by improving members' wellness practices.

What I Do.

Known for my positive attitude and active lifestyle, I am an expert in helping health conscious individuals to fill in the nutritional gaps in their diet through supplementation. I provide an individualized health assessment for supplementation. Utilizing Nutrilite, an 80 year old company which guarantees the Best of Nature and the Best of Science, we will help you with your health goals. Nutrilite is the world's largest supplier of organic vitamins and herbs. In addition we endorse, XS Energy Products for energy and sports performance, Healthpointe (weight loss) ESpring Water Purifier, and Perfect Water.

I am passionate about helping you the feel the best that you can.

I spent my earlier years struggling with many upper respiratory challenges. My weight has gone up and down. I know what it feels like to not feel your best, and I help others to experience feeling their best.. I, also help people to lose unwanted weight through a medically approved program and find the supplements that will keep them feeling their best. https://amazon.com/author/jackie_phillips


  • Nutrition Caoching
  • High energy presentations on wellness, self esteem and faith


  • M.S.
  • B.S.
  • https://amazon.com/author/jackie_phillips


  • Boating, running, travel, wine, Bible studies,


  • President and Co Owner - Phillips Wellness
  • Owner - Splashtime Swim School


  • English