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Rich Kozak
Business Name:
Business Description:
Confident intuition and vision from decades of experience defining and evolving brands for businesses of all kinds and all sizes, led us to launch RichBrands to serve businesses where they need it most -- helping define and prepare the business' brand for faster growth through profitable digital marketing. Brief and intense branding work done up front, before spending money on digital media, delivers benefits for years as the business leverages that work. RichBrands effectively serves any business or individual professional that is determined and committed to: grow faster; become known as outstanding; and make significant impacts on people's lives and on the world it touches. You accelerate your impact when you define The Brand YOU Will Become.
How Business Creates Value:
The rigorous work we do for any size business yields powerful impact on the business' bottom line. Our work creates the path to brand equity and higher business value. Consider that the process of preparing the brand for profitable digital marketing is a missing skill among businesses; consequently, the results of its use distinguish those businesses who have done the preparing, and are diligently committed to growth and to setting themselves apart as outstanding. Great brand preparation increases traffic, speeds engagement and boosts conversion ratios and sales dollars. Digital media offers a competitive advantage to a business that has clearly, skillfully defined and successfully communicated the outstanding value of its brand. Even the smallest business must communicate using digital media, but businesses don't know how to prepare the business' brand to use that digital media strategically. Businesses waste too much money and precious time when, instead, they could follow the steps of brand preparation and race ahead of competitors who are less prepared.
How Member Creates Value:
Rich Brands. Rich Kozak is a leader and an expert in helping businesses and professionals strategically maximize the impact of the branding process. Rich Kozak has a rare skillset that flows through him like water through a river: 1. to see quickly how your brand will excel and what it can become, 2. to share wisdom from decades of assessing and defining brands about what makes a brand come alive, and 3. to offer practical ideas that you can apply right away to elevate the brand's impact and effectiveness. Rich insists that clients maintain the integrity of the brand and "never cross the credibility line". He listens and identifies what is at the heart of the brand and the highest value impacts the brand envisions having on people's lives and on the world it touches. The simple but masterful process with which he organizes and defines the brand serves businesses powerfully by creating the "Language-of-the-Brand" enabling the brand to be consistently acknowledged for those things that make it outstanding. Rich defines, visions and tools The Brand You Will Become in ways that empower the brand to move quickly and competitively.

What I Do.

I serve clients with mastery in the branding of businesses and professionals, and as a source of trusted counsel and of business experience that is broad and varied. For decades, I have created a circle-of-trust with people of integrity and competence, and our clients can expect to benefit from the knowledge, perspective and wisdom that so many other people over the years have vested in me.

Why I Do It.

Being part of a network of spiritually positive world-changers and serving as an integral member of a circle-of-trust and integrity with other people is the kind of world in which I choose to live. I choose to be well informed and a credible source for others, I choose to be positive and uplifting as a catalyst for positive evolution, and I choose to be empowering and encouraging to create environments for growth. I have been gifted with seeing what people and businesses can become and of articulating how that plays out and I particularly want to share that gift with people whose hearts and businesses are set on making a positive impact on the people and the world they touch.

Contact Information

(626) 533-6432


  • Branding Businesses
  • Branding Professionals
  • Assessing Your Brand
  • Defining the Desired Brand
  • Positioning
  • Target Audiences & Care-Abouts
  • Topics & Issues Lists
  • Content Creation Roadmap
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Metrics
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Re-Branding
  • Mentoring
  • Brand Strategy
  • Board of Directors Branding Counsel
  • Non-Profit Board Branding Counsel
  • Joint Venture Partners & Resources
  • Creative Project Briefs (to guide each projects)
  • Competitor Matrix
  • Positioning Analysis vs. Competitors
  • Live Speaker & Video Coach
  • Research Management
  • Focus Group Planning & Production
  • Focus Group Moderation
  • Testimonial Development
  • Master Trainer
  • Speaker to Businesses, Branding & Marketing
  • Speaker to Teenagers, Motivation &Training
  • Campaign Strategy
  • New Business Development
  • 1st Impression Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Sales Lead Management
  • Self-Development
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Versatility--Leveraging broad experience to solve problems and set direction.
  • Vision--Envisioning and articulating what brands can become.
  • Objectives-based organization of people and project to achieve results
  • Project Management
  • Financial Statements
  • Product Cost Analysis
  • The Metaphor of the Garden Applied to Business


  • Certified Global Branding Consultant, BBN International
  • Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Pivot Point Advantage, IBINLP


  • Regular Reading, including The Bible
  • Organic Gardening
  • Preparing Beautiful and Healthy Food
  • Musician (violinist) and Church Choir
  • My amazing wife and our Family
  • Holistic Health and Rejuvenation
  • Residual Income
  • Experiencing Cultures and Wisdom Thru Travel and Study
  • Studying with Masters and Delivering Mastery In My Work
  • A World Class Team That Turns Dreams Into Realities


  • English
  • Conversational Italian
  • Conversational French
  • Census Spanish