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San Diego Executive Ventures
This Week At TEAM San Diego Executive Ventures
Our 90-minute weekly meetings consist of an informal "Meet and Greet" to introduce yourselves to the members of the chapter. This structured meeting which will allow you to give a one-minute commercial describing what you do, the products or services you offer and the type of referrals you are looking for. At the end of the meeting, you will have an opportunity to give and receive referrals as well as schedule additional time to learn more about the members.
About our chapter
Lemuel Blackett profile photo
by Lemuel Blackett , TEAM Chapter President
We are a group of professionals working together to grow our businesses through Relationship Marketing and referrals. TEAM members work together for a common goal: To increase our sales income and bottom line. If you are interested in visiting a chapter meeting, please contact me for more information.
Meeting Details
09:00 AM to 10:30 AM
10089 Willow Creek Rd unit 200
Guest Policy
By Invitation Only
Food Served
Dress Code
Lemuel Blackett
TEAM Director
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As Director with TEAM Referral Network, I bring together entrepreneurs, small business owners, independent contractors and teach them how to become a sales TEAM in their community so they can help to grow each others' business through referrals. Click here for my contact information.
Member of the week
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Congratulations to Member of the Week Brett Klika
Brett is a performance coach and speaker who started as a trainer for Olympic Athletes. What I love about Brett is how infectious his energy is and how authentic he shows up in all of our meetings. Yesterday he gave us some simple breathing exercises to help shutdown the "emergency brain" we often feel when the pressure starts to mount. When we breathe with short, shallow breaths it indicates to our body that we are experiencing stress. To counteract this reaction and let the body know everything is ok and that we're not being chased by a tiger right now, try this technique: Breathe through your nose - Inhale in for 4 seconds Hold that breathe for 7 seconds Exhale out for 8 seconds Repeat until you feel your system coming back to a normal state. He also informed us not only of belly breathing, where you breathe first through extending your belly instead of raising your shoulders, but a fun new one for me called crocodile breathing. Picture the way a crocodile breathes, their whole midsection expands like an inflating balloon. When you're practicing your breathing, place your hands around your midsection and feel it expand.