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Amanda Casarella
Business Name:
A Little House Organized
Business Description:
A LITTLE HOUSE ORGANIZED is a professional organizing business that follows a customer-centric approach to declutter and optimize living spaces. Our guiding principle is that true organization means creating a space that works seamlessly for the individual. We consider organizing a highly personal endeavor and view the opportunity to work in someone's home or office as an honor.
How Business Creates Value:
Understanding the vulnerability of inviting someone into one's personal space, A LITTLE HOUSE ORGANIZED places great importance on empathy and communication. We want to ensure that the client's space caters to the specific needs and preferences. Our approach is flexible, understanding that some clients may be ready to declutter quickly while others may need more time and support when parting with possessions. We offer different methods of assistance to accommodate various client comfort levels with letting go of items.


  • Member since 2023