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Autumn Beam
Business Name:
Hopewella Functional Nutrition
Business Description:
Hopewella exists to create meaningful health changes in our clients by offering personalized nutrition solutions particularly for those who want to prevent, manage or reverse chronic disease or symptoms ranging from weight issues to hormone, gastrointestinal, endocrine, cardiovascular or immune challenges. Our unique education in evidenced-based nutrition science distinctively positions us to help clients with their individual challenges as a unique person. We do this through extensive intakes, unique nutrition testing methods and nutritional genetic profiling. This allows clients to reduce or eliminate medications with potential side effects and learn new skills around choosing, eating and preparing foods fit for their bodies. We are the much needed compliment to primary care in health care in America and we hope to become a non-negotiable staple in the lives of Americans and shift the healthcare landscape.
How Business Creates Value:
We offer multiple pathways providing added value: -We offer a pathway for highly educated nutritionists to obtain work and training in a field that often requires them to be an entrepreneur as jobs in this specific nutrition specialty are limited. -We offer a pathway for clients to create true longevity with a better quality of life as they age. -We offer a pathway for helping clients understand the synergy of cellular function and its global interrelation to all systems of the body and how nutrition directly impacts all of that. Medicine compartmentalizes specialties (cardiologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, etc.) and while there is value in that from a medical standpoint, from a nutritional standpoint, food provides preventative "medicine" across all systems.


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