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Stephanie Ragle
Business Name:
Business Description:
office42 is an architecture firm founded in 2007 by the husband and wife team Stephanie and Ben Ragle in Los Angeles. It was started on the premise that good design, innovation, and creative solutions should be available to all. After living and working in Europe, India, and New York, Los Angeles seemed the ideal place to synthesize and put into action these diverse experiences.
How Business Creates Value:
We design striking homes. We help clients investigate their options for a potential property. We guide you through the construction side of projects. We help businesses launch in new spaces. We support non-profits and work toward ending homelessness. We slog through the Building Code (so you don't have to). From schematic design through construction, we guide or clients through a the very difficult process of turning a vision into reality.
How Member Creates Value:
How much will my project cost? How much can i build? What is possible on my site? Every project starts with a few important questions. We see it as our role to provide answers and guide our clients through the design and construction process. Call or email us to discuss your project or set up a virtual or on-site appointment.


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