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Cynthia Hidalgo
Business Name:
Style Spoken Here
Business Description:
It has been scientifically proven through an experiment called Enclothed Cognition that clothes have a direct effect on how we conduct ourselves and how others perceive us. It is a fact that what we wear impacts our mood, confidence, and performance, while subconsciously communicating to others about who we are. Style Spoken Here provides personal style development, closet cleaning, personal shopping, and outfit creation services for entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals. Additionally, we work with photographers and videographers to style their clients for headshots, social media, and branding shoots.
How Business Creates Value:
Style Spoken Here specializes in partnering with business owners and entrepreneurs to create a distinct and impactful professional image. By understanding the unique personal branding goals and the nature of their industries, the business crafts bespoke wardrobes that not only align with their clients' personalities but also resonate with their target audience. The value lies in the power of a meticulously curated appearance to enhance confidence, credibility, and first impressions. Through careful selection of attire, colors, and accessories, the business helps clients communicate their expertise and professionalism effortlessly. This, in turn, fosters stronger connections with clients, partners, and investors, while saving valuable time in the daily decision-making process. Ultimately, the wardrobe styling service empowers business owners and entrepreneurs to focus on what truly matters – their ventures – while radiating a polished, authentic, and captivating aura of success.
How Member Creates Value:
As a Los Angeles native, Cynthia has extensive connections within greater Los Angeles and the surrounding counties.


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