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Nelinia Varenas
Business Name:
SoCal Digital Studio
Business Description:
Full stack digital marketing agency with marketing systems for small businesses including video marketing. Learn how well your marketing strategies are working against competitors. Get a free marketing and SEO audit and a strategic marketing session. Go to: https://platform.socaldigitalstudio.com/free-audit
How Business Creates Value:
SoCal Digital Studio creates value by identifying and fulfilling the marketing needs and solving the marketing problems of our business and non-profit clients with our full stack of marketing products and services. SoCal Digital Studio innovates, improves efficiencies, and enhances the quality of our marketing products and services to meet or exceed our clients' expectations. By doing so, we differentiate ourselves from competitors and build a loyal client base. SoCal Digital Studio strives to provide excellent client service -- engaging with clients to understand their needs better and continuously adapting to market changes and trends. We fully appreciate that the value our agency generates ultimately contributes to our brand reputation and long-term profitability. We aim to continuously add value to our clients.
How Member Creates Value:
As a member of the TEAM Referral Network, SoCal Digital Studio will create value for fellow team members through collaboration, sharing opportunities, and leveraging each other's strengths and networks in these ways: 1) Sharing Knowledge and Expertise: Bringing diverse skills and expertise to the table, offering advice, insights, and solutions that can help others overcome challenges or improve their business practices. 2) Expanding Networks: Sharing networks with team members to help each other gain access to new markets, potential clients, and resources that would otherwise be out of reach. 3) Building Trust and Reputation: Referring each other to our contacts and helping build the team's collective reputation. Successful referrals enhance the credibility of the individual making the referral and the team as a whole. 4) Increasing Business Opportunities: Directly contributing to generating new business opportunities for one another, leading to increased sales and growth for each member's business. 5) Providing Support and Encouragement: Serving as a support system, offering encouragement, feedback, and motivation. This positive environment can be invaluable for problem-solving, innovation, and navigating the challenges of running a business. 6) Enhancing Visibility: Collaborating our marketing efforts, such as joint events or co-branded content, and increasing visibility for all members within the team, reaching a wider audience than through individual efforts alone. By actively participating and contributing to the success of TEAM members, we create a synergistic environment where the collective value and success exceed what they could achieve individually. This WE approach fosters a culture of mutual benefit, where the success of one member contributes to the success of the entire team.

Affordable All-in-One Marketing Systems

Go to https://socaldigitalstudio.com/marketing-system to learn more and get a competitive advantage in your industry. Our all-in-one marketing system is the hub of your campaigns to acquire and retain customers; create opportunities for repeat-, cross-, and up-sales; extend your brand; and nurture a supportive community. Use most or all of the modules -- website; chatbots; automation and sales funnels; invoicing; email, text, and video campaigns; and more.

Free Marketing & SEO Audits

Contact me for your free marketing & SEO audits and understand where you stand compared to your competitors and search engines. Are you using best practices? Do you know which of your campaigns are effective? Are you spending marketing dollars in the optimal places? Let me help you find answers to your questions. Go to https://platform.socaldigitalstudio.com/free-audit


  • Problem Solving
  • Organizing
  • Financial Analysis & Investments
  • Event Planning
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Small Talk
  • Writing


  • TEAM Member since 2024


  • Longevity
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Hiking
  • Music, Musicals, and Music Concerts
  • Piano Playing
  • Cinema, Movies, and Oscars
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Science and Technology
  • Creativity and Art


  • Founder & CEO, SoCal Digital Studio: A Marketing Agency Focused on Small Businesses and Non-Profits
  • Founder & CEO, MedSpaWell: A Marketing Agency Focused on the Beauty Industry
  • Founder & CEO, Imagine100: A Longevity Educational and Sharing Community
  • Founder & CEO, Breakthrough SEO Marketing: A Marketing Agency Focused on SEO-Ready Websites
  • Partner, Ellermeyer Connect Forum: A Professional & Business Educational Forum
  • Business Analytics Technology Developer, Aviana Global: An IBM Platinum Partner
  • Financial Manager, Belkin Intl.: A Technology Accessories Manufacturer
  • Financial Systems Manager, Northrup Grumman: Aerospace & Defense Manufacturer


  • Fluent English
  • Rudimentary Spanish