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Esmeralda Archer
Business Name:
Study Page
Business Description:
I show students how not to use tutors! We create educational material that shows kids how to learn and how to be better test takers. I work with students of all ages and help people discover their learning style.
How Business Creates Value:
I empower leaners and transform the way student think about tackling any test or career goal.
How Member Creates Value:
I am a TEAM player and love helping others. Call me and she how I can best serve you !

What I Do.

Study Page is a tutoring and study skills program specifically designed to assist middle school and high school students in reaching their full academic potential. Our company offers a comprehensive guide to taking control of personal education in order to ensure success, no matter who the teacher or what the class or material is. Study Page teaches students to take charge of their own studying and learning habits so that they may get the most out of any class. Our goal is to help students become independent learners, resist depending on a tutor for each new academic challenge, and, most importantly, become accountable and successful learners

Why I Do It.

Study Page is the bridge between parent and student, especially when academics sow discord in the family. We give each student the chance to keep their autonomy, while providing understanding towards the concerns parents feel in regards to their student’s academic performance. We will guide any middle and high school student towards achieving solid study skills and better course grades without the frustration homework disagreements often cause. It is in middle school and high school that many parents adopt the role of the “Homework Monger." At a loss as to what to do to ensure their student’s academic success, parents hound their students to finish their assignments and to study more. Students increasingly resent their classwork and their parents as this cycle goes on, damaging the relationship between parent and student. StudyPage is the solution. We will handle the academic side of the parent-student relationship.


  • patience
  • outgoing
  • easy to talk to


  • MA Education
  • BA Psychology
  • CAL BRE:02012006


  • Meeting new people
  • Helping others


  • Owner - Studypage LLC
  • SI Supervisor - LA Pierce College
  • Property Manger


  • English
  • Spanish
  • French