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Megan Potts
Business Name:
Core Cooking
Business Description:
Core Cooking is about healthy, and clean cooking using the right techniques and equipment to make cooking easier and more efficient! Cooking from the heart for cooks of all levels who are looking for easy, health solutions in the kitchen.
How Business Creates Value:
Who do you know that needs quicker, easier cooking options at home? Who do you know that has picky eaters? Who you know that is trying to eat healthier? Who do you know that loves to cook? Who do you know that is obsessed with clean cooking? Core Cooking is dedicated to teaching and helping educate people on a healthier, quicker, simple way to cooking delicious food.
How Member Creates Value:
I, Megan, am committed to showing up as authentically as possible in my every day life, in and out of the kitchen, supporting myself and those around me in business and life, in my best capacity. My passion is showing people healthier ways to cook and prepare their traditional, unhealthy favorite foods to find a way to enjoy delicious healthy recipes and support their health goals!

Contact Information

(775) 233-6488


  • Owner of Core Cooking 2+ years
  • Cooking Coach for 8+ years


  • TEAM Member since 2021


  • healthy cooking
  • healthy living
  • holistic living
  • regenerative agriculture
  • capoiera
  • sound therapy
  • organic gardening
  • composting
  • good food
  • authenticity
  • Saladmaster
  • Cooking Classes