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Gigi Corkett
Business Name:
Ready Renew You
Business Description:
ReadyRenewYou (RRY) helps older women reclaim their identity, energy, confidence and feel great! RRY supports the individual who tends to make time for everyone else but themselves or prioritizes work over self-care through personal training, group fitness and nutrition “happy hours”, ReadyRenewYou helps the 40-60 year old combat stress, anxiety, lack of energy and reclaim confidence in a swimsuit!
How Business Creates Value:
"Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” —Eleanor Brown, author Daily movement is not an option; it's a priority! I believe that people too often wait until they have a health scare to become healthy! ReadyRenewYou provides the resources, accountability, and accessibility to make long-lasting change through fitness and nutrition. When you're well-rested, properly nourished, physically fit and mentally strong, you can truly be your best - at work, in the community, and at home.
How Member Creates Value:
I have 20+ years of exceptional customer service in the allied health field. By taking the time to listen to someone's needs, building trust, and going the extra mile, I have built long-lasting relationships with clients. I educate and empower people to take ownership of their well-being. Every personal win for my clients is a win for their families and their communities!


~ Personal training - in-person, virtual, or hybrid ~ In-person and online nutrition coaching ~ Customized fitness programming for those who already have a workout routine but would benefit from a cross-training approach


Gigi began her fitness and wellness career in 2000 in a clinical setting, helping rehabilitate patients with diagnoses including chronic pain, stroke, and brain injury. It was here that she became deeply passionate about empowering clients with the tools, training, and guidance to develop the confidence and self-efficacy to improve physical wellness – at any age or stage in life. She has a background in teaching isometric movement, strength training, and low impact cardio. Through her experience working with senior clients who have limited range of motion, mobility, and balance issues, she is adept at creating modified workouts that help a client safely progress towards their goals. In addition, Gigi has expertise in virtual personal training, so workouts can continue without interruption from the safety of one’s home if necessary! She has a patient but firm communication style that is highly effective with clients of all ages and backgrounds. Her client-centered approach that has earned five-star ratings on Yelp since 2013. Gigi graduated with a degree in Physical Education from UCSB and is a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM.


  • Personal Training
  • Public Speaking
  • Networking


  • Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Certified Nutrition Coach, National Academy of Sports Medine
  • Barre Instructor, Pure Barre
  • Degree in Physical Education, UCSB


  • the outdoors
  • travel
  • personal development
  • meditation


  • Pure Barre technique - a total-body barre workout that transforms you physically and mentally.
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) - a training protocol alternating short periods of intense or explosive anaerobic exercise with brief recovery periods
  • Bootcamp group classes
  • In-person and online personal training
  • In-person and online nutrition coaching


  • English
  • Beginning French