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Katy Hill
Business Name:
HIIT House Collaborative
Business Description:
HIIT House opened in June 2017 near the Grove in Los Angeles and has grown to include a studio in Thousand Oaks. Our mission is to provide a place where anyone and everyone can find joy in doing the "Heart Work" through exercise and find "Peace Through Perspiration". No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we are here to remind you, that you are "A Sweaty Work of Art." Our classes are approachable, yet challenging and our team is here to push you towards your personal goals with love, encouragement, and a lot of sweat. Our signature H.I.I.T. classes will be your newest (healthy) obsession. We recently added our Wellbeing department to help you achieve balance with mind, body and soul through "Heart Work." Come join our crew and find your new fitness family!
How Business Creates Value:
What could be better than to greet your daily goals and challenges feeling both physically fit and mentally strong. HIIT House T.O. offers a variety of classes and practices from High Intensity Interval Training to the mindfulness of Yoga, Breath Work, and Reiki classes. Our newly added Sound Baths- are a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience where participants are immersed in the healing vibrations of various sound instruments. Learn more about what a sound bath is and the benefits it can provide for your daily well-being. All fitness levels are welcome at HIIT House as we take pride in encouraging each and every one of our members to strive for greatness everyday through the power of sweat and just being present to all the possibilities of your physical and mental well being.
How Member Creates Value:
My goal in life is to do good in the world. Everybody is a work of art and I am here to offer support and help them achieve their goals, however I can. I provide a safe space at HIIT House to support all areas of mind, body, and spirit. Overall wellness. I come with an open heart and no judgement with whatever challenge a person shows up with. I am here to offer support for everyones complete wellbeing. I am also involved in fundraising to support local charities in making this community strong. Please reach to me.

HIIT, Heart & Heal Wellbeing Program

Please join us as we launch our new Wellness Program at HIIT House T.O. "HIIT, Heart & Heal". Classes include Yoga, Breath Work, Reiki, Sound Baths, and beautiful essential oils by doTerra. Our weekly sound baths will be on Saturdays and Sundays. Stay tuned.

HIIT, Heart & Heal Vendor Events

HIIT House T.O.'s garden area will be hosting Vendor Events to local businesses with booths to share their unique products and services. With a variety of fun, nourishing, and entertaining features. This will become a consistent spot for fun events you want to miss.


  • Founder / Owner HIIT House, T.O.
  • Founder / Owner HIIT House L..A.
  • Co-Founder Sage Transition House / Helping women
  • I am on the board of non-profits (just ask me)!


  • Helping others
  • Giving Back
  • Creating a Community
  • Being Kind
  • Walking in Nature
  • Photography
  • Fundraising
  • Charity
  • Creating new ventures
  • Sitting in my garden