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Phil Ramos
Business Name:
ThxPhil Business Management, Inc.
Business Description:
Entertainment Business Management firm catering to entertainers and executives in the industry. At ThxPhil, we help our clients stay creative and focus on their craft by removing unwanted business interruptions. We are our clients' personal CFO.
How Business Creates Value:
The team at ThxPhil's job is to help entertainment creatives stay creative by removing the back-office tasks that tend to stifle their workflow. An example of how we do this - our clients do not need to worry about tracking expenses related to their business. By incorporating processes such as educating our clients on possible deductions for their business, advising them on the best way to track those expenses and extracting data from financial institutions, we are able to analyze and account for every expense related to their business on a weekly basis.
How Member Creates Value:
Entertainment Business Managers are typically generalists, we know a lot about business, but are not experts in all business related. fields. The best business managers understand this and need to find the experts to meet their clients needs. This is where Team comes to help find trusted individuals to service our clients.

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