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Sara Beam
Business Name:
Virago Ventures, Inc.
Business Description:
Virago Ventures, Inc. is a full-service Sales Enablement, CRM Implementation, and Optimization Consulting company and an Authorized Zoho Partner, designed to help the modern organization. We consult with businesses to empower their sales team to grow, adapt, and evolve with rapidly changing market environments. Our team has been working with Zoho since 2015 and has extensive experience working with other well-known CRM systems such as HubSpot and Salesforce and marketing platforms such as MailChimp and Constant Contact. Zoho’s suite of products makes it easy for you to streamline your sales and marketing efforts.
How Business Creates Value:
Virago Ventures was founded to help sales teams improve their internal processes to focus on what's most important, SELLING. Using Sales Enablement techniques and the tools and resources, we will equip your sales team for success. Numerous companies struggle with aligning their marketing teams' efforts with the sales force outreach. It’s very easy and common for leads to fall out of the sales funnel during the hand-off from the marketing campaign to your sales team. You can avoid not only this but also increase productivity between these two teams. This is only if you have the right technology and systems in place. Sales require more than simply having a CRM; it must work for you instead of against you.
How Member Creates Value:
Sara has a passion for sales processes and CRM systems. Sales can be a chaotic role, but if you have a solidified process and the ability to track and improve processes, it makes the role much easier, even enjoyable. As a sales leader, Sara personally struggled with implementing a new process or workflows and sees sales enablement and CRM technology as a huge opportunity for all companies today and strives to provide her knowledge and experience to help companies perform at their best. Sara started Virago Ventures because she would have loved expert help to implement and optimize her CRM systems and internal processes. Founders and sales leaders have so much on their plate, and her goal is to help carry some of that load.


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