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Network Without Leaving Your Couch

by Tori Dunlap For most, networking is one of the most vulnerable things you can do. Physically getting in front of someone will always be the best way to connect — but what if you’re just not feeling it today? Take 10 minutes this weekend (while curled up on a big, comfy couch), and let’s […]

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10 Ways to Make a Great First Impression

By Jeff Haden Say you meet a new potential customer, a potential employer, or anyone with whom you want to establish a business relationship. Which matters more: Showing that you’re skilled, experienced, and capable, or Showing that you’re trustworthy and likable? Many people assume that skill, expertise, experience, and competence matter most. After all, if you’re going to hire […]

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How to Get a Customer Referral

by Geoffrey James Referrals are always your best source of new customers.  Unfortunately, many people ask for referrals from the wrong people, in the wrong way, at the wrong time, and with lousy follow-through. Here’s how to do it right, based upon conversation with Joanne Black, author of “Pick Up the Damn Phone,” one of my 5 Best […]

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