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Up Your Networking Referrals

By Larry James What is your commitment to giving business referrals to other members in your networking group? OR… are you only in it for you? Successful networking requires commitment. Hopefully you know by now that seldom does it work unless you are consistently meeting new people and making new friends. But that’s not all. […]

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5 Ways to Be More Memorable in 30 Seconds or Less

by Meredith Lepore The average human loses concentration ability after 8 seconds (which is shorter than a goldfish’s attention span, so that’s awesome), so we’ve got our work cut out for us when it comes to being memorable. Below, five ways to tackle that in 30 seconds or less: 1. Use a “connection story.” When someone asks what you […]

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How to Get Testimonials and Referrals

by Leslie Treux Today, few people spend their money without first reading reviews or asking people they trust for a referral. The good news is that few marketing tactics deliver new clients or customers as well for little expense than testimonials and referrals. The bad news is you have to have a system for obtaining and sharing them. […]

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How to Network with Confidence

I’m certain that you could be the most outgoing and extroverted person on the face of the planet and you may still consider networking an oftentimes awkward and uncomfortable social situation. I think that this may stem from the fact that networking is somewhat of a strange and forced situation to begin with. You take a large group of […]

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3 Simple Reason Why You Never Stick to Your Goals

It’s a new year, and everyone’s making new year’s resolutions and goals. As I said in my power words post, I used to have a strained relationship with goal setting. Although I’m not a procrastinator in the traditional sense (I’m very productive when there’s external accountability), I used to have a tumultuous relationship with personal goals – […]

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