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The Surest Path to Success? Get Some Sleep.

The Surest Path to Success? Get Some Sleep.

Sleep makes us healthier, more productive and less stressed. But when starting a new business, it seems like sleep is the least important thing on a serious to-do list.

The reality is that not getting enough sleep is only a detriment to your success, especially when your brain is too tired to make major decisions. Keep these sleep habits in mind when you’re working to launch your company.

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• Give the bar a wide berth. Avoid drinking alcohol for about three hours before you go to bed.
• Turn your phone off. Phones, tablets and computers should be shut down ahead of hitting the hay. The gadgets will only keep your brain feeling wired. Read a book or magazine instead
• Keep a journal. Starting a company is a stressful time, so write out anything that’s bothering you.
• Create a soothing atmosphere. Ocean sounds, cool room, comfortable pillows — whatever helps you relax.
• Go for a run. Exercise is key in creating healthy sleep patterns and helps regulate your body rhythms.
• Sorry, no sugar. A snack with protein and fat before bed will help you sleep better — a sugar high and subsequent crash will only disrupt your rest.
• Let there be light. Once you get up, bask in the sun and orient yourself for the day.

How much sleep do you get each night? Let us know how the lack of sleep affects you in the comment section below.

By Nina Zipkin

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