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How to Become the Local Expert

How to Become the Local Expert

by Kelli C. Holmes

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the people in your town or city thought about “your name” whenever the subject of your type of business came up?  What impact could that have on your business?  Better visibility? Increased credibility?  More referrals?  More Clients?  Yes!!!

As with all worthwhile accomplishments this will take some effort on your part.  Start by developing two solid communication techniques.

1. A one-minute overview of who you are and what you do.  (As a member of TEAM you already know this).
2. Prepare a terrific 15-20 minute presentation on a subject that is helpful to the general public, not focused on selling, but you will of course be showcasing your business. Using your one minute overview and get on the phone and find the contacts for the local service groups, Rotary, Lions, the Chamber of Commerce (any group that schedules outside speakers) and get on their speaker rotation with your “informative 15-20 minute presentation.”

You can also build your “fashion” reputation by becoming a contributing journalist to your local newspaper or community magazine.  Submit informative articles on trends, seasonal products or services or topics that peak the interest of your target market.  Look at starting an advice column that appears on an on-going basis.

Consider chairing a major event/fund raiser for a local charity. The more “you” and “your business” are featured the more visibility you will create.  Donate the proceeds of sales to the charity.  Making this an annual event really creates interest.

Don’t forget to contact the editor of your local newspaper responsible for the calendar of events to publicize any and all speaking engagements and events you participate in.  Be sure to invite the local press to these events or better yet hold a “press party” in conjunction with these activities.  Send regular press releases to the local press keeping them up to date on all your activities, including any awards and recognition you receive.

If you incorporate these simple techniques into your business you will, along with your business will establish yourself as “The Local Expert”.  Your name will become synonymous as  the person to go to whenever the subject comes up.  Don’t forget to approach all of these avenues with your best way of doing business.

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