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1. Make your Business Commercial ROCK!
• Vow to spend 5 minutes on your one minute (or however much time you have to introduce yourself!)!
• Get very specific. Think “a great referral for me this is…”.

2. Commit to really be PRESENT!
• Out of sight is out of mind!
• Being casual about your attendance at networking events implies you are casual in
all of your business commitments. Your networking partners might question your “referability”.

3. Attend events (as many as possible).
• Local, regional and organizational wide events are offered all the time!
• Take advantage of these knowledge expanding networking opportunities.
• Commit to your Personal and Professional Growth by educating yourself this year!

4. Do an AWESOME presentation when you speak!
• Prepare a “knock your socks off” presentation to show your stuff.
• Answer the question… “How (and why) to refer business to me”.

5. Do Coaching Sessions!
• Make a plan to meet “one on one” with every potential networking partner.
• Organize your notes from these meetings to be more effective in referring your
networking partners.

6. Expand your “Power Partners” opportunity!
• See who is missing from your “Power TEAM”.
• Ask your networking partners to refer or introduce you to these professionals.

7. Put all of your Relationship Marketing Goals in Writing!
• Set specific, measurable goals.
• Base your goals on personal performance or skills and knowledge to be acquired.
• Have a way of being held accountable.
• Reward yourself in the achievement of your goals!

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