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“Power Partners”

“Power Partners”

Power Partners are business professionals who are in the same “industry” as you, who want to develop a mutually beneficial relationship. The purpose and focus of the business relationship is each partner striving to share referrals, ideas, clients and information.

Who Are Your Top Power Partners? Let’s think a minute – who do you refer your clients, your family and your friends to? Certainly people you know and trust and often times it is in fields related to your area of expertise. So, when does the opportunity to refer others most often come about? When they need professional services that are related to your business, right? These professions are natural referral centers for you; they are in your “center of influence”, they are who you want to develop a Power Partner relationship with!!

Where Do You Find Power Partners? Look in your database/contacts: follow your money… who do you give your business to? They are benefiting from you, so naturally you should be benefiting from them! Look to your “networks” whether it is a referral network, the Chamber of Commerce, a charity or service group, church, PTA, trade or social group, seek out the professionals that match your list of Power Partners.

What Do You Do With Your Power Partners Once You’ve Found Them? Reach out to them. Contact them and tell them what you want to do. Ask to develop a Power Partner relationship with them, explain how mutually beneficial sharing referrals, ideas, information, and resources can be. If this is not the type of relationship they are willing to commit to, find someone else in their profession who is.

When Does Your Power Partner Relationship Start? What are you hoping to gain from your relationships with your Power Partners? Referrals, ideas, information, resources? Then be prepared to first give these things. Show them how it’s done! Send them business, share a great idea, let them some meaningful information that can help their business. Once they see your efforts producing for them, they will want to give back to you!

How Can Power Partners Impact Your Business?

Once you have established these important relationships you will start realizing the benefits of receiving referrals, ideas, information and clients from them. Because you will be giving to them as well, you are establishing relationships that will last for years. Relationship marketing with your Power Partners can definitely impact your bottom line.

Developing relationships with Power Partners will not only help you generate more and better business for you, it will also reward you with satisfying personal and professional relationships to continue to build upon.

By Kelli C. Holmes

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