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How Seasonal is YOUR Business?

How Seasonal is YOUR Business?

Have you figured out how to even out your cash flow the rest of the year?

Realtors have their busiest season during the summer, when children are out of school, fish are jumpin’ and the movin’ is easy. Life insurance people usually find their busiest season from September through December. Health insurance happens mostly in November and December. Retailers sometimes base their entire year’s success on the bump in sales around the winter holidays.
Florists live for Valentine’s and Mother’s Days.
What are you doing to even out your cash flow during your NON seasonal high spots?

By: David Spellman, President of South Pasadena Chapter, Transamerica Financial Advisors  – I help individuals and families reach their financial goals and protect themselves from unforeseen circumstances. I start with a comprehensive and detailed look at where they are now, listen to where they want to be in the future, and help them map a detailed route with a written plan to get there. And like a good GPS, I help them with course corrections when life’s detours intervene.

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